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Delhi Bijaya Laxmi

Abstract Action Inspirational


Delhi Bijaya Laxmi

Abstract Action Inspirational

Independence Day

Independence Day

1 min

Independence Day comes

Once in a year

Fills every heart with joy and cheer

And mind with patriotic spirit and vigour

It is a red-lettered day

In the pages of history

And imprinted in our memory

It is that memorable day

That wakes us

From deep slumber

Of post independence

And to exercise our

 brain to remember

The supreme sacrifices

 of our ancestors

Of pre independence

It is that potential day

 which bind us to open

The pages of history

And recollect the

Heroic actions of Jhansi Rani

Rana Pratap and Shivaji

And to emulate the patriotic spirits

And great sacrifices

Of Bhagat Singh Sukh Dev and Netaji

Of pre independence

And many such sacrifices

of our soldiers at the border

And corona warriors of

 post independence era

 it is that hour of solidarity

to console the departed souls

of our motherland

by lending our helping hand

it is that joyous day

which makes our

heart beat with pride

freedom in mind

and salute our national flag

remembering the significance

 of its colours symbolic of

sacrifice peace and progress

and the wheel at the centre

 signifies dynamism and pride

Are we really fully independent?

No............ not yet

We are still in dependence

We made little progress 

Still we are in distress

 This is the irony !

It is because of internal

 problems of corruption

red tapism brain drain

leading to other problems

 of unemployment , population growth

and poverty

In the present corona

 pandemic scenario

Let’s celebrate this auspicious

Day with in self –isolation proper social distancing

And by wearing mask

And take a pledge to

Be more patriotic in spirit

In words and deeds

With fervor

And to protect our

Culture sculpture and heritage

 with integrity and honesty

to visualize a ‘Corruption free’

and ‘Atmanirbharshil India’

 Jai Hind

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