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All For One And One For All

All For One And One For All

3 mins

All for one and one for all

One for all and all for one

What does it even mean

A popular catchphrase from a book

In 1844 it was first seen

Go ahead ladies and gentlemen take a look

If you do not like the book

There is always the movie

Where these Musketeers were a band of misfits

When all was said and done

They stood for each other through thick and thin.

One for All and All for One

How I wish my friends today could know

Though it was just in a book

The virtues of banding together

Such friendship that is second to none,

Finding strength and unity in diversity,

Living "One for All and All for One"

These were strangers who banded together

Supporting each other

Becoming more like brothers

For they were as tough as any under the sun.

They were always ready to stand and fight

Before they would cower and run.

All for one and one for all

That should be the motto of our youth

Sadly the young are divided in so many ways

But instead of unity they taunt and tease

For in searching for their niche is many of their friends

Lacking in maturity and just looking for a life of ease

Many of our misdirected youth are infamous,

In school, they are known and feared.

They are welcomed for their grit and sass

Much to the dismay of their teachers

Who just wish they stayed out of trouble

And not turn out to be tricksters and schemers.

All for one and one for all

That is unity

 and it should be our life’s aim

For practicing it brings us a feeling of bliss

For unity is a never-ending gift.

if you ever need a lift.

Unity is …….

To a nation

Unity is ……..precious

Unity is………true

Unity is…… a gift from me to you

Unity is……making each other tall

And catching each other before we fall

Unity is ……when life is unfair

The knowledge that someone will always be there

Helping you through good times and bad,

Whether you are happy or sad

Unity is …… Love

When nations evolve

To create a free alcove

For it is every nation’s motive

Unity is …….. Might

More than just avoiding a fight

It’s being together

Day and night

Unity is….. Committing

Nature’s way of giving

A reason for us to be living

A moment when the world stands still

And fighting for each other is what we will

Unity is ……

Bringing on emotions full of fire

And is every nation's desire

With rules to follow and obey

Each and every precious day

Unity is ……

Sometimes sad

But Unity is

Never ever bad

But on the whole

It is something that makes you glad

Unity is …..

Sometimes a fantasy 

A beautiful melody

But most of all

Unity can mend, Unity can bend

Unity can turn a fiend into a friend

All for one and one for all

Around us every day)

Taking our breath away

Something we all seek

To make our lives complete

Whatever life throws our way

Guiding us each and every day

Unity will always keep us dear

And banish away all our fear

So dear friends remember this

Unity is ……. something to look forward to

Each and every day

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