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Midnight Mystry



Midnight Mystry


We Survived!

We Survived!

3 mins

The year would be 2060

Sitting in the armchair this generation, now senile, sips hot tea

And co-incidentally its storytime

Nostalgia would be at its prime

The tales of bravery I’ll tell with pride

Chronicle of every hero, who in this despairing situation, vigorously tried

I’ll tell of the days when the streets of the cities and towns went silent

When this unsettling peace felt worse than the violence

I’ll remember that fateful year when going out was equivalent to a crime

Where taking a stroll on the road could cause you a hefty fine

What happened to your fundamental rights? The younger generations would ask

Explaining this complicated situation would indeed be an interesting task!

A virus so small, which couldn’t even be seen by the naked eye

Humored at humanity’s progress, as so many helplessly died…

I’ll tell of the times when chaos engulfed the entire world

Hoping for a miracle with unease every night in the blanket we curled

The nightmares seemed pleasant, as reality was haunting 

Towards faith, passion and religion, people turned, for solace and comforting

As life became cheap, survival indeed became expensive

The worst is yet to come, the world was apprehensive

But not lost was all the hope

To fight this disease together world coped

Wearing their suits and masks everyday our superheroes fought

About the courage of a common man, even the future generations would be taught

At the end of the war the result was rather devastating

But the unyielding yearning people were never tired of waiting

I’ll tell of the glorious day when we successfully averted this disaster

Everyone danced, and the roads again echoed with cheers, chants and laugher

Next day as the sun rose every person mourned for the martyrs and the dead

That night everyone serenely went to bed

In this twisted reality where happy endings are rare to find

It was indeed a brand new era for mankind

Although the chapter is over the book is not yet finished

The epilogue is being written as the resources replenished

 But in conclusion I’ll say with head held high and overflowing with pride 

Just two words “We survived!”

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