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Joydeep Saha



Joydeep Saha




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She notices while walking,

The crowd stares at her,

She hears their loud chit chat,

She sees the people whisper.

"Isn't she the one,

Who was involved in the crime?

Even though it was her fault,

She destroyed the poor boy's life!"

As she walks on the street,

The boys do point at her,

They whisper, they smile at her,

They share a common laughter.

"Isn't she the one,

Who was raped by her friend?

It's girls like her,

Who drag this place to hell."

She walks into the bus,

With her hands covering her chest,

From the staring of the busboys,

She cannot get a rest.

There sit the talkative grandmas,

With their faces covered with a veil,

"Even though it was her fault,

The poor boy went to jail."

Little do they know,

That she is no longer free,

They think that she'll let go,

But her soul will never heal.

They that it was right,

For him to treat her like dirt,

They think that it was her fault,

She never should've worn a skirt.

She thinks her life is broken,

She thinks she'll never feel joy,

She is spat upon by the people,

For having been friends with a boy.

She drops on the bench, 

And throws her purse on the ground,

"I cannot do this anymore", 

She screams and cries her heart out.

She thinks that it is over,

She thinks she's going to lose,

She just wants to tell the people,

"Walk a mile in my shoes."

She knows not the world,

Her heart feels so sore,

Because deep down she knows,

It's not the same anymore.

She stands up and walks,

Barely seeming alive,

She whispers to herself,

"When will my soul revive?"

She reaches her society,

She reaches her front door,

The people start gazing,

Now more than before.

She walks into her room,

And tears the place apart,

For the tiny speck of time,

She felt she had no heart.

Her father hears the noise,

He cannot look at her,

He cannot feel himself anymore,

Because someone hurt his daughter.

"Be brave", he tells himself,

And walks to her with his teary eyes,

He puts her hand on her back,

And says, "I'm sorry, my child."

“I'm sorry I couldn't save you,

From the ruthless world outside,

I'm sorry that someone hurt you,

I'm sorry the world is not right.”

She breaks into tears,

And drops into his arms,

Just for one tiny second,

Her heart finally feels calm.

There's the sound of the bell,

Her father attends the door,

She thinks it has to end,

She cannot do it anymore.

She sees the knife in the kitchen,

Her only way to freedom,

She ignores her second thoughts,

She knows she cannot be reasoned.

She takes the knife and slits her hand,

Putting an end to the pain.

She feels that she is finally free,

But was she ever to blame?

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