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Nancy Gupta



Nancy Gupta


A Lesson To Be Learnt!

A Lesson To Be Learnt!

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With full enthusiasm, with full motivation,

I was desperate to start anew,

To step forward and experience anew,

For, the World has innumerable possibilities and opportunities,

It never lets your effort go in vain for sure!

But the people you meet in your way,

The ones you always need to sometime chatter and express your pain,

They give you moral support or leave you in your way,

They could change you in ways numerous,

Whether that change is good or bad,

Only you can decide,

But trust me its always better to not take any sides,

Walk on your own way,

Just don't chatter or speak your say,

Just be truthful to your sole self for your own sake,

Depending upon others would only throw you in a pit deeper,


It's always better to hear your own stories!

People will only try to demean you at every point,

They will crush you, demould you, can even insult you,

But what is important for you is to never leave your own side,

Just talk to your own self alone,

And feel your own soul,

Let not any migrant,

Break you for their own cure!

Thus, The World though has a whole space of its own,

But it's just your own World which you must preserve for your own sake!

My desperation hence,

Has only sent me back,

For it wants me to never lose my own way!

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