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Paint Your Hue!

Paint Your Hue!

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Proud to tell the world,

All about my hardships,

Intrinsic and painful,

Nonetheless a blessing in disguise!

Trials boost the moral strength from within,

Yonder and near I summoned the courage to win!

Only later did the truth dawned over, this is the

Ultimate victory forever!

Rise above the standards,

Live your dreams,

In every second is a hidden ecstasy

Flowers bloom for their own bliss!

Every day is a lesson unlearnt,

Rare Gems are in store sent,

Ecstasy or experience equally cherished,

Awakens the inner beauty wished!

Challenge the challenge with valor,

Head for the best in every test,

Tread uphill with the truth as armor,

Heights reached will be the finest!

Early or late never let your life to fate,

Hear your inner voice guide,

Overcome mountains like a feat,

Road to success will abide!

Into the canvas of life, with

Zeal and grit throw colors of verve,

Only to have a spectacular view,

Nothing less than your inner hue!

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