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Victory Stand

Victory Stand

3 mins

Triumphantly I gazed into the mirror of life,

Conquests that made me feel great flashed liked a movie,

In grandeur and splendor, success did crown me,

Winner, I heard myself declared, floating into the ebbs of ecstasy!

Accomplishment at the end of the day,

Captured my thoughts only to say,

Achievement or a lesson learned is…

Success in its own way!

Beauty I saw in all walks of life,

Magnificence of humanity did the magic,

Virtue and goodness did outshine, splendor and riches

A loving heart sparkled with kindness and kisses!

Coup d'état and accomplishment served me well,

Confined my heart with love and peace,

Deeds of charity and benevolence …in a nutshell

Bloomed within with much ease!

Daring it was to accept life as it is,

Valor and moral strength to let go,

Guts to accept the change,

Courage lets the attitude glow!

Energy to create oneself rather than seeking,

Liveliness in the present made plans working,

Oomph to compete myself and none other,

Got-up-and-went to make sure life flashes are worth watching!

Feat or failure I faced,

Incarcerated my fate only till I gained,

Realization of the lot that ensue

Happened as expected or how I reacted!

Greatness is no accident, it’s an attitude,

Magnitude of it lies in unfolding,

Important moments with gratitude,

Prominence of purpose is, responsibility taken ,not divinely assigned!

Hearty and gay life went on,

Cheerfully, until I tumbled,

Warmly I woke myself up,

Cheering myself, never give up!

Incredible always a great mindset to start over,

Hard to believe, lessons of Karma forever,

Implausible to others the definition of me,

Fantastic is not the becoming but the unbecoming of me!

Jovial and lively my heart thumps,

Fun-loving and amusing without a hump,

Buoyant and bubbly amidst the kids,

Happy to cherish the same innocence in me!

Knowledge of the world, did not serve me best,

Awareness of myself, helped me solve every test,

Acquaintance of goodness, resolved fineness,

Understanding and appreciation, invited Godliness!

Love nurtured me through trials and tribulations,

Devotion and dedication deciphered the rest,

Care for others and I, was on the top list,

Adored everyone who followed it with an iron fist!

Mindfulness of life’s divine bounty,

Watchful of the abundant miracles though tiny,

Alertness to the simplicity it beholds,

Consciously I saw myself as one!

Negotiated with my past, accepted my present,

Conceived my future from omnipotent,

Agreed to disagree only to keep my spirit free,

Conferred the Universal Truth with glee!

Opinioned not, for silence is full of answers,

Belief in unity paved way to success,

Attitude to brighten life,

Out looked the rest with a hike!

Pure at heart, truthful in thought,

Wholesome and fake never sought,

Clean and gleam like the twinkling stars,

Chaste and serene my mind in no way wars!

Quit the ways that took away peace,

Gave up habits that hurt to cease,

Stopped the uncaring words and ways,

Renounced my life for better days!

Reaching the stars was my goal,

Invasion of hearts, made me whole!

Sensational victory I do hold

Winning post sublime, I behold!

Success is living and living is success,

Accomplishment is genuine and unique,

Victory depends on how you think,

Triumph lies in peace at war than war for peace!

Truth unspoken is the one aloud and booms,

Precision is not exactly that looms,

Reality of life is magnificent and sublime,

Genuineness in every present sparkling time!

Universal Love begets the divine on ground,

Victory or failure makes no sound,

Winning hearts profound, is the ultimate goal,

Yonder or here pleasant to one’s soul!

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