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Dark Scenes Behind Success
© Shishir Mishra

Children Inspirational +1

I had a dream a very big ambition, I had to reach the concealed ignition, As a read more

3     7.6K    83    13

Walk along my side daddy, To tell me the limitations of life, And to lead me read more

1     1.9K    162    34

The women was old and left uncared And bent with chill of winter read more

1     1.3K    154    49

After every initiation and every end in my life, I saw ever; Maa, you are the only read more

2     747    72    76

Once, A Pencil
© Nandini M Prakash

Children Drama +1

The journey of a read more

2     1.0K    63    90

I remember how we planned our holidays, Each visit anywhere, and you wanted an read more

2     184    23    665

© Shailaja Nair

Children Others

n my leisure I recall My childhood friends and little pal. Laughing at the times read more

1     911    56    138

A beautiful portrayal of a teenager's passions and societal read more

3     761    32    180

I ran towards the hill, With my speed to the read more

1     158    5    1710

Wonder Mom
© Diya Iyer

Children Inspirational

Her soothing words, calm and tranquil, To choose the perfect way of will. Strength read more

1     753    49    228

Little Boy Blue, come, blow your read more

1     20.8K    19    307

Little Miss Amiss
© Nibisha GM

Children Drama +1

As it was the seed sowed and she's the plant; And still now....she has the little read more

2     276    45    308

© Rupesh Ranjan

Action Children +1

That experience lives with him till today, And haunts him in some or the other read more

2     334    33    3374

I wake up in the morning, Cheerful as can be. Then I look around my building, Not read more

1     583    25    362

"One a penny, two a penny, Hot-cross read more

1     20.5K    8    382

Backwards in time, years ago The earth did live, but all read more

1     402    32    393

Let me go to that stage when I was a child, Let me have that chance again to pray read more

1     1.9K    58    408

© Mahi Mark

Children Tragedy

I remember when we were read more

1     299    100    435

Humanity Died
© Shreyansh Yadav

Children Tragedy

The women was old and left uncared And bent with chill of winter read more

1     252    67    437

I wish I was made of lesser stuff Enduring every monotonous day Slowly withering read more

1     857    52    448

What he eats as food - Can you read more

1     15.4K    38    471

You consider me a responsibility To be fulfilled Rather than a child To be read more

2     363    46    512

"Curly-locks, Curly-locks, wilt thou be mine? Thou shalt not wash the dishes, nor read more

1     20.5K    11    564

To the dream as I walk, Over the troubling wheat read more

1     376    29    574

A Mother's Prayer
© Aparna Nandan

Children Inspirational

To give them knowledge, So that they quickly acknowledge, That facts and truths of read more

1     510    51    584

Out in the sunshine, in gardens with blooming flowers We went flower to flower, read more

1     444    57    632

Poet talks about earth and how we are destroying the peace. Poetbis appealing for read more

1     8.7K    74    781

"Bobby Shaftoe’s gone to sea, With silver buckles on his read more

1     20.3K    12    789

"Hey, diddle, diddle! "The cat and the fiddle, The cow jumped over the read more

1     21.1K    9    790

"Mary, Mary, quite contrary, How does your garden read more

1     20.4K    8    791