My Today's Schedule

My Today's Schedule

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Today I woke up in the morning very early,

And straighten my hairs which were curly.

Then I sat on toilet seat,

Thereafter started brushing my teeth.

Then I took a bath which was very fresh,

And was a Buster of stress.

Then I went for breakfast mama said "Hurry",

I was late but I didn't worry.

Then I went to assembly in the school,

assembly was hot but the class was cool.

Then I studied English and Social studies,

and also gossiped a little with my buddies

Then I studied about natural disasters,

Mam told us to complete the work faster

Maths we studied division,

And had a lot of confusion

Now it was time for brunch,

I ate so much I didn't have space for lunch.

Now it was time for dance period,we performed actions,

and also brought some perfection

Finally the school was over,

Now it was time to go home and change the upper and lower.

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