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Travel the path from illness to wellness with Awareness Journey. Grab your copy now!

Venkatesh R

Action Classics Inspirational


Venkatesh R

Action Classics Inspirational

The Sky Is Not The Limit

The Sky Is Not The Limit

2 mins

In a globe of inequality, 

she got endowed with passion.

In a globe striving for survival, 

she lived with vigor 

and thrived with economic freedom.

In a globe of constraint and conservative beliefs.

She lives as a falcon, 

with wings that 

illustrated her presence 

beyond the purdah.

Everything she wanted, she had, 

but it didn’t assemble her.

As she continues to soar.

In a globe that sets a limit, 

she continues to break the rule.

She took the routes 

that was not endured by many.

She took routes by 

setting an example by 

being in multiple professions.

The routes she took provided me, 

with a survival lodestar.

Her journey started, 

with a team of diverse 

friends in their early twenties.

As she packed the essentials 

for survival, 

she headed toward the 

beauty beyond fear.

The journey of her 

was not so easy in the 

freezing moments.

The journey of her, 

needed physical and 

mental strength.

The journey of her,

required anticipation 

of the situation.

The journey of her required, 

timely medical aid and

survival skills.

They journey of her gets covered by fog.

With no grid for reserve.

The journey of her,

came without compass 

to supervise.

The journey of her,

came with no sight of birds 

or wolves for guidance at times.

The journey of her, witnessed

the wrath of nature, 

as an avalanche.

The journey of her, witnessed

the frigid waft engaged 

in romancing the stubborn 


The journey of her, witnessed

her life with the few bubbles of fluid 

in the kettlebell.

The journey of her, witnessed

death as it scattered the walls 

of her hope, she didn't quit.

As death awaited, 

her determination prevailed in the battle.

Gradually, death lost its grasp, 

as she was not an effortless prey.

The mist gave away and 

the sun beamed at her.

Her journey recommenced, 

with the carabiners and 

ice axes guided her toward 

her destination.

Her journey didn't stop.

As she says 


keep evolving be it any profession and 

we need to arise over those hurdles.

She keeps arising not for stardom, 

or to impress the world

But for ushering in a contentful life, 

beyond the comfort.

She is a humble soul, who does reply to her buffs though she has conquered many peaks, her ego couldn't triumph over her.

This poem is dedicated to a woman mountain climber.

The biggest peak one needs to conquer is our fear and our self-trust.

She has ascended the hurdles of societal norms before conquering the perilous peaks, but she cracked all the enrollments and built her identity, in her profession, and passion, by being an inspiration for many populaces.

Her conquer gave me hope to dream and get out of my comfort, as crises evolve, and it needs to be vanquished one after the other be it in any profession, hard work, and perseverance is the key to success.

Be the ambitions, the universe stands with utopian's dreams.

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