Nimesh Nishad

Action Fantasy


Nimesh Nishad

Action Fantasy

Angel, But A Swordsman

Angel, But A Swordsman

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Were we being good for each other,

But wish to ignore somehow.

If I am acting disturbed with you,

Get ready for the battle now.

Your ignorance and your taunts

Have honed my sword sharper;

A meek person from the heaven

Will become the most darker.

The time we started ignoring,

Then the red flag was flung;

Just wanna unsheathe my sword

After my symphony is sung.

Every time I get a moment

I will be ready to strike the blade;

Your best defense in a war with me

Is that you better fade.

With every lethal attacks on you

My tears will rust my sword

Though I would hate to have a war

No one can interupt me, not even God.

If the battle is towards my side

I'll let you go free,

Cause I can't afterall take revenge on someone

Who gave me good memories.

I won't harm you any further

They say - "One Who Forgives Is Divine ( Angel)."

My sword, my pen will take its stand

And no more you will be mine.

How much ever I have broken your heart

I'll steal some fragments in my chest if I can

But no tears, no feelings but only frustration

Will be carried by this swordsman.

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