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Atharv Sharma



Atharv Sharma




2 mins

Today when I pass through the road, I see

Some characters of the worldly stage pass by me.

An absurd feeling crept in my heart and I feel,

It is the feeling of sonder for ones unknown to me.

Their faces showed apparent expressions,

Some of misery, joy and despair.

For the first time in my life I realized,

I amn't the only one, but one of those faces in the worldly fare.

I saw a girl with glittering eyes,

Which showed her joyous satisfaction;

Her sparkling smile made her beauty dignified,

Her excitement was more than her heart's reflection.

That jocund face reminded me,

Of the joy and happiness I felt,

When I had received an appreciation,

How couragely with the problem I had dealt!

My thought process was in motion.

I was dealing with my old memories commotion;

When I saw a man coming to sit by me,

His face had a broad grin and eyes, carefree.

The melodious song which he sung,

Told me that my partner was drunk.

I asked him abruptly in an angry tone,

"don't you think about your family, your wife or your son?"

He grew silent, sober and sad.

He depicted himself as a mad.

When he opened his trembling lips to speak,

His silent sobs told me that he was emotionally weak.

"my family left me, all have gone;

Leaving me alone on this sphere to frown.

There is nothing left for me but a heavy loan,

Life is a curse for me, and death shall be my boon."

He left me back moving with clumsy steps,

Leaving behind thousands of burning questions in my mind.

I was false to feel his life to have been nothing,

His life wasn't a pool, but a sea of queries still unwind.

When I was saddled up with so many questions,

I saw an old man sitting by me without a mention.

He was desperate, he wanted to utter a word,

But he was frightened if he failed in his attempt to be heard.

"How are you, how's the family doing?"

I asked in courteous formality.

He smiled, stood up and spoke sadly,

"my son threw me out of house; he lacked in empathy."

His heart was full as he spoke to me,

And his eyes were tearful as last I could see;

His emotions were high and full as a pile,

But he reflected his courage summarized in his smile.

The call finally came, for which I had been waiting.

My friend had finally called me to his seesion.

I was going to learn about people's behaviour,

But I had experienced sonder; I had learned my lesson.

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