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Redemption Is Calling

Redemption Is Calling

2 mins

I wish you wouldn't look at me that way

I've tried to do all I could in salvation's name..

Reaching, pushing, pulling only to fall back on your grave

Moved stars and moons, just to know you're going to be okay

Went without bread, and water, and cursed the night and the day

And they, they don't want me around

They don't want me in your life

See, if I'm no good for you and not wanted here

How could I ever be your wife?

The tracks are confused, I'm on the right side

But when your vision is impaired, it's hard to make out the lines

I'm tired of the back and forth

I'm tired of the continuing force pulling our orbits apart

I'm tired from all the places I've been

It's dragging me across this pavement again

Pulling at the back of my coat

Lifting me up and dangling me by the lump in my throat

Shaking me, strangling me, striking me again,

Losing control and the grip in my hands

I'm lonely, I'm tired, I'm down on my knees

I've gained it and lost it, I'm begging you please

And I'd dare any man to tell me

I'm responsible for all that's transpired

I'll look you dead in the eyes

And I'll call you a liar

How could I have any control

Over you submitting to the darkest parts of you

When loving you was all I tried to do?

The nights were cold and vacant and tireless

The air still and stagnant and odorless

I shed weight and weighed the worth of being

I shed my shame, my pride, and everything worth anything to me

I was there in times of collapse and times of rejoice

And it was never a choice

Now I'm weak and you're strong

Stand up be a man and work hard

And put up a fight to keep what you love

Redemption is imperative, it's calling your name

If you don't answer this time, it won't be calling again

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