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Anil Mathew



Anil Mathew


Light In A Boxing Ring

Light In A Boxing Ring

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Two boxers in a ring
My joy and my sorrow hammering.

I cheered for joy, of course
Always do
Like his company, somehow
We float without a care
But sorrow packed a punch
I knew
Could knock joy’s daylights out of you.

Weather-worn now, my times had taught
That these two, they’d always fought
Shared a seasonal history with brief respites
Between cheery days and weary nights.

Reconcile the two?
Impossible to do.

Bewildered, just sitting there,
Two whispers came up for air
The one familiar was and always sounded fair
This way or that you’ll always sway so,

Drink forget about tomorrow
Get away, give up, go drown that sorrow.
The other, fresh and stirring, said
It’s the darkness in you
That causes you this fight

But darkness though hidden is exposed to my light.

I see you
Through what you
Pretend to be.
It’s guilt that binds your soul.
Come, confess the darkness
And I will make you whole.

I bowed my head
Now wear this ring on your finger
It’s a seal with a promise it said,
That at the end of it all
you’ll enter into my everlasting joy. 

Two boxers in a ring hammering.
The sound of the final bell
The battering is over
The verdict is in
Now He is the referee
Who is to win?
He takes hold of both their hands
And surprisingly
Raises both up in sight.
I sigh in relief
The end of the fight
My joy and my sorrow
Blending in light.

---Anil Z. Mathew




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