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Yalnaaz Lakdawala

Abstract Others Inspirational


Yalnaaz Lakdawala

Abstract Others Inspirational



2 mins

Created from his rib,                           

She taught him how to love,            

Lifting him from an abandoned ship,      

She taught him how to engulf.


Impervious to the world,                 

She succumbed into his arms,             

And in herself she whirled,           

Loosing in his charms.


Promising each other no tears,        

They set their life at pace,             

Felling no more fears,                  

Things then fell in place.


As time ticked by,                              

In a tizzy of his work,                 

Emancipating his aggression did he reply,                                              

Yet she din't irk.


I'm sorry were his words,                   

It's okay was her reply,                      

But she was deep down hurt,          

Which nothing in the world could deny.


This then became chronic,                 

His sorry's meant no more,                  

A smile was all she wanted,             

Was that something more.


Deviated from herself,                     

She gave him the highest honour,     

He thought it was of her social self,   

He forgot she had a soft corner.


Worthy of a paradise,                     

She settled down to nothing,           

And to his diguise,                          

She gave him everything


In the thirteenth hour did he realise,

It was all his fault,

Patience was all she idiolised

,His life then took a halt.


Sitting besides her tombstone,         

He asked her for forgiveness,          

Her mercy had she already shown,

Displaying off her greatness.


Then her words were'nt replyed,     

Now his words ain't heard,             

Then her smiles were'nt verified,       

Now his visits ain't reffered.


Only if he had ever heard her would he know,                                            

She wanted to mend what he had broken,                                        

She wanted to write that which was unwritten.


Her patience to listen,                     

Her strenght to support,                   

Her determination to love,               

And Her courage to uphold,        

Simply can't remain untold.


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