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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Almost Lived Within The Trees

Almost Lived Within The Trees

2 mins 175 2 mins 175

Shiver in these trees, those making it hard for the sun.

The heat that’s tired of moving all day, still wakes every morning,

And sets early afternoons, calling out these children to wear 

Their few warm strands of wool, the all year around ones. 

Guessing- a mother in red strolls and pulls down these clothes

That were hung by the sun’s permission, way earlier than now. 

A bright yellow house freeing it’s children like a frustrated parent

Shakes, the grass, as little feet run away to their accessible world. 

So carefree, unaware of the world watching them live their lives. 

From this height I see, only watch them huddle into moving figures. 

Hearing laughter at such great lengths, listening to sounds that tell

Growing up here would’ve been so differently comforting. 

These faceless voices liven up this isolated home of theirs. 

Just these two cemented houses- bring colour in this land of green.

I wonder, from a distance that’s too much, imagine myself there. 

Living in simplicity, just there, nurtured in an unforgettable nature.

It’s a curious sight, when making a visual of their regular days,

It’s a calling to try something new, something so fabulously unique 

For a regular life like mine. Maybe I’d be able to stay a month, or a year,

Or maybe I’ll just sit for an hour, living them from somewhere too far. 

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