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Patrick Graven



Patrick Graven


Reflections Of The Soul

Reflections Of The Soul

21 mins 985 21 mins 985

To see the world is to feel from inside, To give birth to beauty is to be alive, To understand and feel from the depths of our soul, To make a difference to this world. To fly with freedom to give others sight, To feel others pain and express it into light, To inhale it all inside one breath, And exhale everything we've ever felt.

The rising of the sun, A life up to us to be at peace, Under the stars we are all as one, Living the same as the fallen leaves. Heartbeats full of depth, Life in every breath, Beauty that blooms in our hearts, An infinite love that never parts. For another day we live by, We grow and bloom within our souls, Times when moments soon drift across the sky, Feeling and giving our light to the world.

Life is the light by which our spirit’s born, As waves dissolve upon these shores, Up towards the sky with light in our eyes, Dreaming away as these thoughts arise. The glory of new things to come, The essence of all you will achieve, The purity of all you will become, When you look within and believe. Calling for peace and harmony, Within ourselves a love to see, With depths that remain in our hearts, An eternal sunshine that never parts.

There is only one moment for eternity, One drop that deepens the ocean, One spark that ignites the flame, One sun to awaken our emotions. The winds of time passes by, Rivers flow and wings take flight, From depths that stay behind closed eyes, Far from here as clouds pass by. Time moves like the waves that still wash ashore, Colliding all that has come and gone before, And before the leaves have fallen from where they derive, Realise that everything changes and everything revives.

Of everything we see and all we are feeling, All we have here is our inner being, The changes of our lives and all the reasons, Are the shifts and reflections of all the seasons. It is right that we should be so, To feel alive and to grow, And all of this we rightly know, Through this world we safely go. As each day passes us all by, It paints a picture of colours across the sky, With every memory washed away from our eyes, We live in this moment that lasts a lifetime. Every night and every morn, All things new and pure are born, Our essence of beauty is worth more, Than all the waves that wash ashore.

In the aura of our soul, Lives a beauty that grows, In the depths of all we see, Remains a clear tranquillity. We feel beyond the deep, We dream beyond the sea, Out towards the distant galaxies, Reflecting all of our reality. We are infinite beings, Our hearts full of feeling, We have come from afar, For we are the essence of stars. Far past these walls, A universe that awaits us all, There is a new light, That stays within our sight.

With beautiful depths of everyone, Grew leaves bereft of thorns, They are open star lights as our sun, A sign of earth reborn. All we have is this space between the poles, As the stars shine with sense renewed, Beauty is seen again as petals unfold, A light that found a way to shine through. The ocean surged and dissolved in waves, Sands are scattered into the winds of time, Dreams ashore in the light of day, A sense of change with the passing skies. The flowers long for a garden bed, All hatched through broken cracks, The innocence of nature spread, As hope does not look back.

For a fallen leaf becomes alive in the winds of change, A drop of beauty deepens the ocean, A garden of beauty that blooms inside our hearts, With changes in our emotions. The leaves are on the ground, The seasons are changing as one, Blue skies turning into twilight, Before new rays of light are born from the sun. The wind is blowing against the trees, And the moon shines forth with its glow, Even your own light never to be extinguished, Through life and all its growth. As the clouds are drifting by, Years of light begin to dawn, Changing like the trees and rivers, The stream of life flows on.

It is the wonders that fill our minds, From outside our world to all inside that lives, In essence we are content to find, Beauty in all the little things. In all that we see and all that we do, Myriads of stars and worlds may be, It is our own inner light that shines through, And guides us all to our destiny. In an astral place of all that grows, A distant star may be another world's sun, We live in presence of what we know, For our world is not the only one.

As we feel the presence of our inner light, Clearing the clouds of our darkest night, We raise our eyes up to the sky, And unfurl our flowered wings to fly. Entwined together in a spiral love, Unifying as one as we rise above, Embracing our darkness and our lunar glows, For we have got stars within our souls. Soul washed in all of life's forms, Through the calm sunshine and melancholic storms, A beauty that is born from every living day, That mirrors a light that will never fade.

The moon within the sky, Shining in a solace light, Evanescent with millions of stars, Before the cycle of venus and mars. Still as pillars in our time, Subdued under the arc of twilight, We gaze towards the sombre shade, We embrace a beauty the sun has made. The moon glows in an omniscient twilight, Amidst in the darkness from our sight, Lunar tides wash ashore in our oceans, Images drift by fast in motion. Our spirits of solace with hearts to repair, Intertwining with every feeling shared, Between the morning stars and the shining moon, A beauty rises in bloom.

The winds of change will blow onto your face, To the changes of the sunrise, Find your way out of the dark, It is the passage of your heart. Before the leaves will be taken away, By the rain and winds of change, Ignite the candle of beauty from within, To shine a light that will always remain. I am you and you are me, A reflection is what you see, Our eyes mirrored by each other, As the sky is to the sea. We flourish like a garden of beauty, A sea with depths rising for eternity, Close your eyes and you will find, A shining light from deep inside.

Awakening in every day, Taken by the sunlight, The sun keeps on shining in different ways, Even as darkness changes to twilight. Let go and just be, Open your eyes and begin to see, Watch everyday become a dream, Release yourself and become free. This life has meaning, More precious than silver and gold, The only truth of this, Is the beauty and love within our soul.

Time leaves a memory in your heart that no one can feel, Pain leaves a heartache that no one can heal, Beauty leaves a touch that will always remain real, Our eyes leaves an essence of what is concealed. In love from a memory, Echoing from another time, Shared between our reveries, Our heartbeats entwined. These emotions that we feel, Of everything inside that is real, A fallen teardrop that remains in our soul, Becomes an ocean to the world.

For the light that shines forever, Eternally alive in our nature, We see oceans in the eyes, With every teardrop that reflects a sunrise. The stars reflect on majestic lakes, Colours change from the birth of light, Their infernal beauty carries on into eternity, Blending in waves in ecstasy. So many seasons have passed that still remain, They will someday come alive in different skies, Our world will remain the same, And tomorrow we will have dreamed away in another time.

To share that love from our soul, Forever to hold your dreams in place, Sharing all our heartbeats of the world, Through the beauty of nature's tranquil grace. Another day to feel alive, To feel the essence of change arriving, Born out of new colours from sunrise, On the wings of dreams into distant horizons.

Our ageless eyes are distant mirrors, Shaping and beautifying the world by their reflection. The edge of forever, Becoming a world that deepens, Fading into oblivion, Changing as the birth of seasons. Unfolding in the light of our eyes, Our own galaxy in disguise, Time spinning in between shadows and rays of light, In bloom with the distant twilight. Where new colours are born, A universal love is formed, Where the heart and mind have remained, The journeys of our soul that never end.

Scattered across starlit skies, Accompanied by heartfelt sighs, It all falls like the gentle rain, Reflecting the moment of all our pain. Every tear from every eye, Becomes another drop from the sky, This is grasped by mirrors bright, And return to its own delight. Changing winds beneath the moonlit sky, Lost under stars of the night, Seek my soul within the seasons' breeze, For you will find us together amongst the sun and sea.

It is when beauty arrives, To wake us up and come alive, Guide our eyes to the sky, To look within and we will shine. Keep the flame of hope burning bright, To see our inner light come to life, And then the winds blow and we begin to breathe, To hold that moment that never leaves. Seek the beauty within the world, Grasp the life we hold deep inside, Embrace everything from our soul, Until we reflect the light from our eyes.

Times of wonder takes us to times long gone, Memories filled with hope that once smiled upon, When our hearts were alive and the sunrise would follow, Hoping the day would never end to bring another tomorrow. And then from afar came absence and neglect, Our feelings dissolved and thoughts misled, This world has now turned into layers of grey, And its light has faded leading every path astray, As our time remains still our emotions keep flowing, To keep that flame of light in our hearts forever glowing.

Destined to find our way, Will make us live only for today, Guiding the path for beauty to follow, To leave behind the pain and hold the hopes of tomorrow. And the rain keeps on falling, Pouring down from the sky, Washing our footsteps from the shores of time, Leaving no trace behind. Night falls and dawn breaks once again, The seasons changing all the same, And all these moments for us to see, Are just a reflection of you and me.

Ashore on the sands of memory, An hourglass that trickles time endlessly, Chasing echoes from beyond the horizon, The moon vanishes while the sun is rising. In this realm we are to be, At peace with the pure sky and open sea, Nature's beauty with its peaks and streams, Awakening in the light of a dream. The dawn of light with colours blending, Time and its changes with seasons unending, In an ocean between waves, Our world in motion day after day.

Beauty is the light in the darkness, A pearl in the depths of the ocean, The eternal feeling within your heart, Our emotions in still motion. We wonder where this moment goes, In the wind and where it flows, With every known emotion, Gives only divine devotion. To the ever changing pull, Of the moon and tide, The seasons that you go through, The colours that remain in your eyes.

Gazing at the sky with opened eyes, Breathing in while we gaze towards the sky, We drift away from where we are, Towards the passing clouds and things afar. Into the blue of the ocean without end, And the ever changing sky with all colours that blend. As seasons change, The suns rays morph into the sky, Distant stars flicker like diamonds, So that they turn into jewels of the night. The earthly leaves fall to the ground, Someday they will come back to life beneath a radiant sky, And even though our world will remain the same, Tomorrow we all will carry on living our lives.

All the time that we have to shine, United as one with endless tides, With unifying hearts and reflected eyes, We will live on and have our time. Far upon the distant skies, Always gazing into our hearts, We are the darkness and we are the light, For we are the glitter of the stars. Bring forth the shores of the sun, Living out from the shadows of the dark, For we are light and dark together as one, From stars light reflecting back into our hearts.

Who are you but my reflection, For your sky is my ocean, Who are you but me, A mirror of myself through which I see. We are the world looking outside, The universe looking within, Its vision of light, Its soul united. And if there was no distant path to be, A heart to see me through, A vision deep inside that I see, These eyes are just mirrors of you. As long as nature reveals the signs, Find the meaning in your life, See through your own eyes, The waves will lead you towards your light.

Drifting in emotions of what we feel to be, Wandering through the labyrinths of dreams enticed by beauty, Flowing in havens fulfilled for eternity, In depths of the ocean with a sky filled with mystery. Rising to our heights as we go above, We flow in the open sea, Nothing here concerns us only love, Because we are lovers washed ashore from our innermost dreams.

When everything has become calm and still, Far from the moon to the sun, A longing feeling begins to fill, Understanding and feeling as one. In our dreams and lives dwell, The eternal and divine, Reflections of all that we impel, The timeless and all the sublime. On the surface we all shine, Rays of light shine from the depth of our eyes, Relinquishing one another in time, Undying flames remain inside.

The light gives life to the colours of change, Blending into one that remain the same, Adorning the blue stained sky, Dreams reign high while clouds entwine. And the depths of the ocean below, Reflects our tears through rain and snow, Crystallised in the blink of our eyes, A momentary glimmer of the radiant light. Stars awaken as we look above, And pain slowly fades to love, Reawakened as we morph to dust, And dissolve in all that is and ever was.

Here we find in our voices rhyme, Within this ocean of time, And all of this we feel and see, Is a new dawn to be. Through this world that we live, An ocean rising from deep within, A sparkle of light in our eyes, Mirrored as a veil of stars in the sky. We reflect the colours from within our eyes, A new dawn soon rises, Spiraling through our hearts, A beauty of emotions that will never part.

In the deepest well of dreams, Echoes a distant time, From memories and endless streams, As we lapse into the night. The light of sun and twilight will fade, And moon covers its face, Stars sparkle their memory in the darkling sky, And the world will change from our sight. Reflections that we see in all we do, As we follow our depths as time heals our scars, Through clouds the sky is painted midnight blue, From darkness we stepped onto the path of stars.

We try to guide each other across, To reveal the only thing that has been lost, Our feelings unique in a natural perfection, A vision of light to our reflections. Our emotions dissolve within our tears, Leaving behind all those dark years, Colours fade but the spectrum remains here, To blend a light that will never disappear. Dreaming far away from here, In a place where everything is near, Our mirrored souls rest in place, Universal love and eternal grace.

We reveal of what is inside, Within the lineaments of our soul, A beauty mirrored from our eyes, It is a teardrop filled with the world. Beauty is the essence of the heart, As love is expressed into an art, A light that is born that guides us home, A dream that dawns of all we've known. A birth that is born again, A commencing where all become still, A starting where we stopped to rest, A momentary time that we fulfill.

Everyday that it takes to feel alive, Believing in our hearts that there is a way, All we need is to shine from the inside, And embrace the meaning of our living grace. Our souls move as the breeze, A strong current in rapture of the waves, We make our way through boundless space, And fly far away from this place. Purifying in the celestial air, Inhale the earth of these limpid regions, Nourish everything in all that we care, In bloom with the changing seasons.

We voyage through the journeys of our soul, Living in our own world, Feeling the meaning of everything nourishing, A momentary beauty flowing and flourishing. We see an ocean filled with mystery up to the horizon, Filled with depths with a new dawn rising, We voyage among our lives of havens fulfilled in infinity, As waves drifting through the sea fulfilled for eternity. The light broadens perspectives that bloom in time, A place where our enlightened hearts never dies, We see each other in new colours of life, Filled with beauty that comes alive.

Listen as the wind blows from beyond the horizon, Hopes spread into the light and memories are dissolved in time, The nights are filled with wonder, And a new dawn begins to rise. Into the night we wander, Into the day forever after, The longing for something real, All to change this feeling that we feel. Drenched in an ocean of our own emotions, Everything passing in fast motion, Another day as it seems, In the sea of waking dreams.

From the sun there are rays of light, Shining through these distant shores, Night wraps us in our twilight, And darkness leads us to the stars. The seasons brought us together, Entwined by the wind and the fire, Our inner light shining forever, An ageless beauty within our desires. Our fire could not be tamed with the wind, And the wind couldn't be suppressed by the flames, As the connection of the light with the dark that blend, Led to a light that would forever remain.

In the iris of the eye, Teardrops become oceans, The light of the soul shines, The beauty flows in motion. A moment of stillness, Dawn with colours blending, A spectrum of fluoresce, Eternal cycle with seasons changing. On the shores of memory, Echoing beyond the horizon, Galaxies apart in infinity, A sun from another world is rising. Cosmic stars awake in our dreams, Universal light shines, Our imagination unseen, In the waking twilight.

The light shines in our world, Turning the dark into a radiant blue, The sky passes our souls, The twilight that impulses us through. Our oceans begin to rise, The ripples of waves move to the inner vibration, Every living thought and emotion, One within all without any division. Our eyes raise up towards the sky, To bring the light into darkness from above, Our entwined penetrating tides, Following the sun our two rivers form one unified love.

We are nature and the rays of light, Full of hope and changing as the seasons, Which breathes and lives as a thousand stars shine, Like birds that take flight into the winds of freedom. Since our first breath and our first dawn, With a rising depth and an infinite desire, Together we voyage from where we are from, To this marvelous beauty that is our inner fire. Together we are the eyes and the inner soul, In this immense beauty forever alive, We sheltered all our dreams in our world, And its sunshine for we are its mirrored light. To see forth the light of the sun, And to understand we are as one, We will gaze at the evening stars, And feel them in our hearts.

To hear the unsaid thoughts, The silence through the storm, Emotions spoken without the words, Freedom like an unbound bird. All these days change us all from inside, Our pain will fade away to afar, Far away from us and from our time, It will go to meet the stars. These natural emotions within us all, Moments that came that never faded away, Memories from times when our heartbeats called, All of our troubles replaced day by day. Eternal with depth and resembling a calm sea, Deep in our soul there remains a deep sight, Year after year the same colours in all we see, For we are the beauty that reflects the light.

Only the blue sky for us to see, Go on forever in this world, Where seconds feel like eternity, And years pass like a teardrop in our soul. As will the sun bathe the land, With all its warming light, So shall the moon ascend, To brighten the black night. The light of sun and stars will fade, And moon covers its face, Dreaming of tranquil days, Moments never to be replaced. The star of the morning dawn, Entwining with the day and night, Fills the memories of days long gone, And blends into the colours of the twilight. Underneath the blanket of stars, Embraced by the darkness of night, As we are here together from afar, And leave all our pain behind.

These are our waking hours, Towards the horizon our thoughts stray, And beauty in the here and now, Until following yet another hopeful day. Solace we find in the light of the sun, And comfort in the night under the full moon, Now we set forth and voyage as one, And make our own way into tomorrows noon. Far above our earthly world, Dreaming from here to afar, Deep within the core of our soul, Sleeping amidst the light of stars. May the stars become our eyes, And the sunlight become our calling, Let nature guide us through life, From every night into the mornings.

To see a universe in every tear, Reflecting all of our living years, Awakening in every day, Our sun shines on in different ways. In the cosmos the galaxies are born in time, A crimson sunrise spiraling from the divine, The fusion of forces expanding and pulling it all closer, In an orbit of the enigma of all its solar. Now our teardrops prevail into an infinite ocean, As all of our colours blend within our own emotions, Amber fields grow beauty with our inner desire, A touch of love that begins to transpire.

From the chasms of our minds, Where hopes and dreams may be as one, We look into the deep beyond, And catch a glimpse of the sun. When we move towards the celestial light, Warmth confronts all of us when we arrive, Angels and doves greet all at the pearly gates, Surrounded by those who've cared with love that will never be replaced. Shadows from the morning mist, Colours born over the hills, Echoes in the changing light, These earthly signs that remain still.

The falcons fly high in the starry night sky, As we lie awake in our dreams each night, Pointing to one bright star with our fingers, And leading and forming to shape our life better. Time goes closer and nearer to the hearts of ours, And with the changes of life as the passing clouds, Most precious indeed as the gems of the sea, Wondering however how it all came to be.

Beyond the vast sorrows of the great oceans, That weigh upon our lives and obscure our emotions, Happy are they who can travel with vigorous wings, Soar up towards those fields luminous and serene. And to vanish away from everything unfair, And purify ourselves in the celestial air, Appreciate the ethereal fire of those limpid regions, As we would with the purest of heavenly seasons.

Beauty shines for beauty is light, To those souls who dwell in the darkness of twilight, And so a human becomes awake, To those who dwell in realms of day. They whose thoughts like skylarks way up high, Towards the morning dawn take flight in the skies, Who hovers over life and understands all with ease, They who live the language of the rivers and trees.

The darkness fades away from our eyes, The calling to return the nature of the earth, Baleful shadows gathering under the dark sky, Reversing the secrets of our natural birth. We still remember when we saw the light in our eyes, A radiant ray of hope the way we remember more, And although we've transposed over these changing times, After crossing the long fields of growth far from home.

Following the outline of the sea under the spring sky, Awakening from the shadows of our lucid dreams, A new dawn beckons in the vision of our light, And the waves morph across the immerse sea. The sands of our days stay covered in rhymes, Of moments lasted that make us stay awake, Footprints that came before us of what was left behind, The trail of promise that gives us a reason to stay.

Our pain washed away by the morning sun, From the realms above us we all climb, Our days turned into years together as one, A sense of new changes with the passing skies. Beyond the eternal sky of our distant dreams, Consumed to the heart by the deepest emotions, Unfurling our wings and our imagination unseen, Rising to the highest heights of our inner oceans.

Light is the path, In the absence of dark, From here to the end, To feel everything living from the start. We're the outline of the shadows, Opening light in a blink of an eye, We are the mirrors that live, Glimmers of hope against the dark sky. The moon on the sky's arch glowing, Made of twilight in the dusk fall, Let us grasp each ray of light, The dreams and life of it all.

Our lives become real when our dreams come alive, Darkness fades and transforms into light, As the sun and moon begin to entwine, Seasons change like the colours in the sky. The clouds descend and the oceans rise, When the twilight changes into a new sunrise, Stars begin to fade into celestial skies, This feeling that lives as days pass by.

© Patrick Graven

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