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Terrence Tayang



Terrence Tayang


Where is your hero now?

Where is your hero now?

2 mins 358 2 mins 358

Who is your hero for today

Who will save you from the night

And sweep away the vice

Is it me or a superhero?

Wonder who its gonna be

Is it your parents or your friends

Giving you a roof over the head

And a pillow with comforting bed

A company of emotional support

That hides your aching brow

You wish for a blessed angel

Wings spread far and wide

Hands at the crusader's blade

Fending against Lucifer's feinds

So no curse can touch you

Such things makes you wishful and carefree

Ignorance with prejudice is sinful

Now the crow sings and nightingale caws

Your experiment is now blissful in sorrow

As your hero saves you all the time


What about the people who needs one

Who never had anyone behind his back

Do they even have a hero for the day

No one hears his cries nor sorrow

Not a single pocket to hold their lives

In the pavement or under the bridge

Laying heads on the concrete forest

It is him against the whole world

Wiping his tears with his own arms

Constant struggle to barely survive

His nightwish is very simple and modest

A three squared meal with some wine

Someone's shoulder to lean on to them

Reading the verses of the Holy book

A slice of life with a genuine smile

Entitlement and privilege is only for the wealthy

Hiding his true status, integrity and intention

Living the dream of money stacked on the wall

The hero is just an illusions in his services

Behind the mask he just a despicable mercenary

Sipping a high quality scotch

In a diamond carved glass

Embezzled from the working class

His account are in different tangent

Courses of snatching in everyone's pockets

The democrats and the communist

Is a new and modern word for monarchy

Either manipulation in depression

Or compelled to do so in oppression

Both ways you are confiscated to this world

So I ask you one question

Where is your hero now?

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