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Consciousness of a fool

Masochist towards himself

Inflicting pain unconsciously

But does he truly know pain

Limbering the acts of faith

A limbo to trust in God

Asking petitions for our sins

Or are we just an apathetic

Call out all the leagues

And see where we can fit in

A manifestation of deeds

To which we all seed

Crawling like the creepers

That slides our confusion deeper

We know not who is cajoling

So are they truly your friends

Layers and layers are formed

The apt of your own ability

Throughout the precious time

Knowing not of what you have become

Fiend is only a thought

Encrypted in our minds

But fear knows no boundaries

A scar left in among the chapters

Collusion is just a manipulation

To entrap your dreams and illusions

Slurping you in and out of a system

As they decipher your wisdom

Think and think and say

To make things play

Each button that we trigger

Endless possibilities to figure

Farewell as we all say goodbye

A closure to what we have said

But we need more time to say

So are we really prepared to go away

For all we do and receive

Is just an abstract mark

Falling asleep in wonder

As sandman cast dreams to fonder

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