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Terrence Tayang



Terrence Tayang


My Love Is Deprived

My Love Is Deprived

2 mins 174 2 mins 174

Dear Diary,

I was on the lonely beach with her

She was holding her hand with mine

We walked in the sand with our naked feets

Strolling around the seashore

She is the most important person to me

Her beauty will always smite me

As beauty stays in the eye of the beholder

She wore a designer white short dress

And beautiful blue fascinator that suited her

Covering her elegant and fragile eye.

Flares in her eyes and the way she walks

Was the most graceful thing that I ever sight

We stopped and saw the beauty of nature

The orange sky and the soothing breeze

The musical waves and the dancing tree

I drew a circle on the sand with my hand

And sat down hugging each other

Till the day that starts to fade away

As night becomes young and wild

We lay down ourselves in peace

Oh, what a marvelous scenery.

A breathtaking feast with the stars

Her iris glowed with those in the sky

She pulls my arm and lays her silky hair down

Tingling my senses all over the body

She came closer and closer to me

As I constantly looked at her sparkling face

Her soft finger starts to wander around my space

And she said the three golden words to me.

She kissed and I just blinked

I blinked towards my reality

I was never with hers

And she was never with me

For the alarm clock threw me away from my dream

I came back dropping myself on the floor

And started my day with the toothpaste.

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