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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

A Hopeless Conundrum

A Hopeless Conundrum

2 mins 173 2 mins 173

Spend a deeper look into humanity

Scarce and scattered in an obnoxious reality

Weak and fragile in a culture of ambition

Justified by minds bereft of reason

That exalts money as the essence of the hour

And deemed it worthy to seduce power.

What does the freedom of the day endow?

A ruthless generation spiteful to love

Progress at the expense of breeding problems

Practices that conceive broken customs

It's the spectacle of a hopeless conundrum

Free of all truth, honor, and wisdom

As it marches hope into grounds of damnation

Promise of peace ripped by the war's ammunition.

A desolate tale of wrecked

Women and Men

Whose hearts are rotten and in lust, eyes are smitten.

 Burning the Wilderness to feed their greed

That blossoms destruction grown out of the poisonous seed.

Oh, it's a hopeless conundrum

Rooted in time, devoid of wisdom

All of its grandeur resonating in a foolish cause

Flattering itself by the crowd's wasted applause

Oh! What miracle can bring forth its redemption:

A mad specimen sunk deep into its abyss of deception.

The truth is shut and honesty is constrained

Vicious narratives preaching lies, are entertained.

Escaping reason to paint itself into an imbecile

Rooted in prejudice and perfectly hostile.

Philosophies that summon a large audience

Axing the true selves to cast them as clowns

Weak and sick robbed out of havens

As illness and anarchy aren't enough for assurance.

A pitiful culture that marvels the way of the wicked

Dusts the stains of remorse for the innocent blood it shed.

Mocks the choices of Righteous hearts

And glorifies the madness of the retards.


Knowledge of love prevails the essence of humanity

That may breed hope in this disheartening reality.

Yet, All I see is a hopeless Conundrum

Far from prosperity and bereft of wisdom.

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