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Sonia Bhalla



Sonia Bhalla


My Only Mentor

My Only Mentor

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I was a foetus

To the world was known

But none was ready to accept

Except, my mum.

I could hear everything

Though feel none

Yes, all with their no's so strongly oppose

But, the one so shy and timid

Yet, trembling stood strong and stiff was indeed alone

None other than my mum afcourse.

Now, that I was born to life

I knew none

But could feel one touch and thats my mum.

I opened my eyes

Could see none

Yet the only one, I recognised was my mum.

I opened my mouth and cried aloud

All ignored

But the one who heard was my mum.

The one, who was so physically weak

So soft by heart, but hard to core

Who made me strong

To stand against the world is what she taught from ground alone.

"Be Firm, if you are right My Dear", she always said

Let not the world treat you as a slave in town.

Stand for Yourself

Speak for Yourself

Life is indeed not bad, but people around make it bitter

Love and compassion carry both

But when, where and how to use

You should know.

Make them your strength, not your weakness

For your life, you solely owe.

Yes, she was the one on whom I always laid

On whom, I always sighed

Yet, kept calling her, behind my life she keeps nagging by

I knew crying

She taught me laughter

I knew cribbing

She taught me to evite

Now that I have grown and taken her place

I realised the pains that she took were not in vain

And now, that is no more

Yet her values and words still echoed.

I never can forget my yester years

And learnt, people change, mindsets lie the same

Thanks My Dear Mum for always being there for me and by me

I know you are still moving on me

Teaching me to stand, conceit and concealed

To fight and win with all my might.

I don't know whether I would ever be like you

But, there would definitely be none other for me better than you.

Yes MUM, I shall always LOVE you.

"My Ultimate Mentor".

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