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My Family Is At War

My Family Is At War

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I was raised with patriotism in my head,

All I ever wanted was to see all my country's enemies dead,

I joined the army when I grew up,

Now I was also part of my country's defense set up,

The lava of patriotism was bursting inside, every day I would think of all the martyrs who died,

I was fortunate to serve in Afghanistan,

And we managed to wipe out the Taliban,

We wreaked havoc on their villages, towns, and cities,

I was proud that I was chosen as the savior of humanity,

But there was something that was hurting inside,

Seeing the bodies of innocent civilians, old men, women, and children who died,

I wondered why I was killing a stranger,

If we don't know each other,

He's living far away from my country,

Then how possibly my country's security he could endanger,

He's serving his country on his motherland,

It was me who had infiltrated his country on the other hand,

I came back to my country and had the marital bliss,

Soon I returned back to a warzone and my family I would miss,

This time I realized that I and my enemy has a similar trait,

He was fighting to provide the basic necessities to his family,

I was doing my duties for my family,

We, the strangers, might hurt each other's loved ones for which we were afraid,

Our leaders and bosses never cared for our lives,

They were safe in their palaces, in the deserts and barren lands we survive,

It was their evil wishes which we were supposed to fulfill,

For their thirst of innocent blood, we were hired to kill,

We endanger our lives so they're glorified,

They live with their families, completely satisfied,

While we don't get to see our children grow, staying so far,

It's not only us but our families are also at war.

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