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Manaswini Dash

Abstract Inspirational


Manaswini Dash

Abstract Inspirational



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At the daybreak

All love to sleep on their soft bed

And have a sip of coffee

Only one man awaits that moment

With all excitements and consciousness

To reach his destination

He never finds pleasure, prestige, love,

Respect, status, and obligation

But that never dampened his spirit

To materialize the promise of giving

Food to the nation...

Blistering heat and incessant rain

Can never be stumbling blocks for him

He exhausts his strenuous efforts and

Gets drenched with his sweat

In the scorching summer sun

Ignores all to face the daunting task of cultivating crop and satiate the hunger 

Of whole nation and blossom smiles.....

But a farmer's life never gets pleasure

He always witnesses struggle to survive

But he never puts an end to his undertaking even after digesting hurdles

Of irrigation, resource crunch, and storage

He removes all with his iron hands 

And dismantle all the disruptions.....

Sometimes all hopes are shattered 

By the unexpected torrential rain, 

Grueling heat and a dearth of water

Wither all aspirations from his heart

The crack web of earth vanishes 

All the sprouted rays of hopes

He laments, screams and shrieks

And shed tears to express his anguish

Gazing into the blue sky and the ruined fields where all new hopes lie scattered

After the devastations, he never leaves

His field and forgets his promises

Again he initiates repairing the wrecked 

Promises by an untiring struggle

He digests the sun rays, raindrops,

Sweat, frustration, and depression

To nurture the nation with his cultivation

He only smiles recognizing his green field

And field dotted with yellow flowers

These are the treasures of his happiness

He never demands respect and prestige

So the whole nation should pay enormous

The obligation for his great contribution......

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