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"What a beautiful world!", I say to myself standing on the rooftop

While the evening winds subtly touch my face

And the very last sun rays of the day

Tinted with glowing orange hues fall on my skin

I think about how all the things that I once dreamed of

Have somehow come to reality.

"How lucky am I to be me!"

It's only been a couple of minutes

Since I've been experiencing

This newly found ecstasy and my phone rings.

Another couple of minutes, and that phone call has certainly

Disrupted what I call 'My happy Sunset Hour'.

But that's not all,

Phone calls also sometimes change the way

I've been looking at life, at myself and the people in my life.

And for a few days post these calls

I find myself in corners, sobbing over the lost happy days

Screaming, hoping that when I open my eyes again

It somehow turns out to be a nightmare which is over.

Instead, when I open my eyes I find out that the world too can be a nightmare.

A week later, I hear another voice, it says-

"Maybe this is just how everything is supposed to be,

Maybe not everything is all bad yet

After all the evening winds still touch my face with affection

The sun still embellishes my skin with changing shades of crimson

And I can still smell the damp air after the first rain.

Maybe phone calls can change only my part of the world

The rest of it still stays just as beautiful and pacifying as it has always been.

"Happy hours do come back again

Even when their return looks like the most distant possibility"

This reminder rings in my head every time a phone call shakes my bit of the world

And I keep going, because now I know that the rest of the world

Possesses permanent beauty

All I need is a walk out of my little one.

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