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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Rama Rajguru



Rama Rajguru




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Believe it or not

You get attached.

To things , to people , to that white little pot.

You find connection .

A bond of vibes.

You have many confessions .

You trust your only connection.

There are no restrictions.

No complaints , no demands.

You confide in them.

Whether they are alive or not.

Connect with yourself.

Feel the magic .

Discover selfhood .

Wave the wand.

There is no other spell,

That can make you this strong .

You know you are beautiful .

You know your worth .

Wave the wand .

There is no other way ,

That can help you move on.

Be your own boss .

Be your own artist .

'Cause believe it or not ,

You are attached ,

To, your own spirit .

You are a person ,

Who seems to be broken .

You are living in your past.

You know that it will never last.

It has always been so dark.

So unstable ,

And yet comfortable.

You are not alone.

For I too have seen the same darkness.

Found comfort in loneliness.

No one can hear me , but myself.

Told myself , that I am better off anybody else.

Then I waved my wand,

That helped me be strong and move on.

It had never been easy.

It took a lot of time.

But I knew it's fine.

I waved my wand

Told myself , 'I am worthy'.

There was no other spell ,

That made me happy.

Here , my friend.

Hold my hand.

Let me take you through the darkness,

Far beyond the brightness .

'Cause there is no comfort in loneliness

For you deserve all the happiness .

I know it sounds crazy.

But look ,

We are almost there.

One day at a time .

This pain , is yours and mine.

This is who we are.

Found each other in the dark.

Believe it or not ,

We connect.

Our souls connect.

And now , we cannot separate .

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