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Drama Romance


Rama Rajguru

Drama Romance



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Do you believe in destiny?

I didn't ... Until I met him.

Yes . We met.

We met on the same path — was it the same path of life? Or just the street?

He wore a black skinny jeans, a dark grey t-shirt with a denim jacket .

I wore a black jumpsuit over a white t-shirt with horizontally striped lines -

A pretty simple combination and an easy one.

He crossed the street and changed his path.

I watched him go, hoping we will meet again.

It's been a week now .

I don't know what was so good about him that made me think of him the whole week,

so much so that my thoughts brought him back in my life.

Although not knowing if it's the thoughts or the destiny that brought him -

Doesn't matter because we met again... Amazingly on the same street.

This time he wore the same jeans but with a maroon colored t-shirt ,

Running his fingers through his hair, looking

Like the most beautiful human I have ever seen .

Me, keeping it simple wore a floral dress with my hair open.

I looked at him, or rather stared.

Until he looked back at me, I looked away.

How romantic is it when we look at someone ,

Wishing they would look back at us ,

And when they do , we look away.

I, then sat on that bench by the street ,thinking

'If the bench was here just for ME.. or was it for US!'

I cursed myself for using the magic to sight way too much

And also kept wandering if he saw me or not.

Whilst this battler between the constant cursing and wandering ,

He sat besides me and said 'hi.'

I turned to him "I'm sorry!".and cursing myself yet again.

He with his worlds most beautiful smile, purest eyes,

And with peace in his voice asked me "Have me met before?"

Me , thinking about the last time , being nervous,so much

As if I had drank a potion of nervousness.

Suddenly , the wind blew through my hair and

It felt like destiny had it's army prepared to make sure we fall for each other.

I replied " No! Not at all. Not even when you wore that black skinny jeans

And a dark grey t-shirt with a denim jacket, 8 days ago."

He smiled, I smiled back letting a sigh.

And then we had the most wonderful conversation of our lives.

Do you believe in destiny?

I did.

When we were married for 50 years.

And now, although I cannot meet him,

I think about him every second ,

Believing that my thoughts and

The destiny would come together again , just for US.

And this time, not to bring him back into my life ,

But to take away mine and make sure we met again .

Not on the same path of life, but on the one afterlife.

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