Cruelty To The Dying Mother

Cruelty To The Dying Mother

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I am her son, she is my dying mother,

I am her son, unloving and cruel to her.


All my life she has held me up,

Held me up as I walked and played.


I stomped and stamped on her, threw dirt on her face,

Littered her place with filth, set her house ablaze.


I knew only to take, took the wealth that was hers,

All my brothers did the same, and so did the sisters.


She once had a pretty face, so pleasant and serene,

On a glorious sunny day, brilliant was her sheen.


But I was a fool and rash, her face is marked in scratches,

She has lost her beauty, dented ugly in patches.


One mother took care of us all, all the love she would shower.

But all of us could not take care of one mother, we lacked the power.


I have hurt her so much, the very source of my birth,

She still loves me so much, my beautiful Mother Earth.


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