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Poonam Vaze

Abstract Drama Inspirational


Poonam Vaze

Abstract Drama Inspirational

Dear Old Nature

Dear Old Nature

2 mins 238 2 mins 238


Dear Old Nature, you are very lovely,

But I am very pale, hold me, hold me,

For I want to see you before I become frail.

Where have you been?

Where have you gone?

Are you now a bygone?

An antique piece preserved in a museum,

Just an archaic visual for all.

I have heard your beauty in songs and choirs,

And have read about your charm in the books.

Some said you are wild and passionate,

The others said how enchanting you look!

And so, I am mesmerized with the words of these authors,

And so, I see if I can find you, the way they did,

And so, I lift my eyes and see around,

But you are nowhere to be seen in my surround.

How will I imagine you?

When I don’t see you anymore.

Did we kill you with our wicked war?

Oh yes, we did, and now my heart is earnestly sore.

The wildflowers don’t dance as no breeze flows,

The leaves don’t rustle for there are no trees and meadows,

Oh, What a sorrow!

Rainbows are hidden by dark smog,

Sun is angry and seas are wild,

We deserve this wilderness, as our sins are not mild.

And now I lift my eyes again for the last time,

To see if I can see you this time,

But, alas! I see some funny creatures just like me,

Running around all times, in some stupid hurry.

Now, that’s a pity!

Something eerie we always keep in our worry.

And yet again I pity my species,

As our eyes don’t bright and the heart doesn’t glow,

And the chirping of the birds has become our foe.

The winds telling a story are shifted with an artificial cloud,

The trees having spirits are mercilessly cut down,

We have become masses of synthetic and plastic,

Oh, this is so tragic!

So, my dear old residual nature,

Begone, Begone!

For we don’t need you anymore,

Go away to a place where you are a virtue,

Runaway from us, the cynical humans,

For we feel we can defeat you.

Dear old nature, do not endure so much,

Take away your caring touch,

And make us orphan,

Let us destroy ourselves,

For a frugal queer issue,

And let us go in some dark abyss,

Where everything is dark and blue,

We have asunder our hearts,

Sadly you can’t sew.

Let us die our own sullen death,

For we deserve what we have done to you.

And then you go in for a new big bang,

And enrich your existence without us,

And I plea, my dear old nature, have no pity on us,

For we are such a foolish species full of cuss.

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