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Ayushi Tiwari

Abstract Drama


Ayushi Tiwari

Abstract Drama



2 mins 248 2 mins 248

The smell of fresh fields, and the lake across,

Were the first things I noticed as I drove on.

The perfect song on the radio and the slow speed,

Taking me away from the city’s filth and greed.

Going back to where I have always belonged,

The home, the heaven for which everyone longed.

My heart thundering with excitement and anticipation,

The thought of my mother’s food becoming a strong temptation.

My mind drifts to when I first left,

With dreams and hopes in my chest.

Soon I realized that the city was not at all happiness and light,

The noisy streets and dark allies were the causes of people’s fright.

So many nights, I lay in bed, listening to the restless racket.

Wishing for going back where the stars were in my pocket.

As I inhaled the smoke swirling in this place.

My lungs begging me to turn around and set a pace.

Now, as I look forward where the country road curves,

My small town with its age old but ever true proverbs.

On the way to my home, I remember the feel,

Of coming here whenever I needed a reprieve.

The cabin is as I left it, the swing still in its position unaffected,

The couple on the porch with their eyes bright and arms outstretched.

My face feels wet and with my knees weak, I go ahead in a hurry.

Sagging in their hold and losing myself, forgetting all my worry.

The angels’ wings wrapping around me,

Protecting me from the demons running free.

Maybe, I was an individual of their creation,

But, I know for sure, they are my salvation.

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