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LondonSky (SOM_Angel)



LondonSky (SOM_Angel)


My Insanity

My Insanity

2 mins 255 2 mins 255

I'm falling, my sanity crawling

Seems I have come back to this place once again

Forgive me for I have sinned

Shaking hands with the devil

The words of evil keeping me level

What have I done to fall 

(Promise me)

I hear a voice, the silence fighting the chance of choice

This lie I live is starting to become something I am married to.

It reveals itself once again and like that my lips turn blue.

This lie continues.

(Believe me)

The taunting apple at my lips, promising me a life full of scholarships.

What have I done to fall again?

I sit here motionless as I watch it begin.

It tears me apart, leaving me a puppet at the hands of the devil's art.

The angel adorns my lips with thorns.

No more will I say any words.

As the chains become musical veins.

The stitches in my lips, cause my lies to go beyond their fibs.

No more will I say I am okay, behind this mask I innocently play.


The door closes, and I am left to the roses.

My head spins, the devil counting his wins

At the feet of despair, it's not like I care

My voice a hidden box, in the pile of keys to a secret lock

My fears sly like a forest fox, behind this mask will my secrets tick to the beat of the clock.

One day it is one day it isn't

My blood so cold, as everything around me is growing old

I am silent in this storm 

Please comfort me before the swarm.

The devil plays his card and I hang onto the cliff as my fingertips become charred.

One last breath will I give before I give up again.


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