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Maitri Indrasen Singh



Maitri Indrasen Singh


Escape the Mindscape

Escape the Mindscape

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Why do you keep blabbering to me 

Things that aren't even meant to be 

You know what you think is not true

Yet, the voice starts uttering gibberish out of the blue 

One sentence after the other get entangled like a web 

I get trapped in it and just fret 

The intangible web becomes almost impossible to break 

Just then I hear a real voice 

Which breaks this cycle and I rejoice

The voice asks, "What is up with you?"

I say, "I can't figure out if the world outside is gentle or rude."

"Oh, come on! Everyone is looking for you."

"They are all worried and want you to get well soon."

This is what the voice replied.

It was merely my imagination that had turned wild.

Instead of locking myself in a room

And shunning the world outside 

Switch back to reality

Snap out of the game inside your mind

The mind is like a game with no escape 

The deeper you go the more complexity it creates

"So hold my hand, don't worry a bit,"

"We have got this, just believe in your wit."

"We all make mistakes as we are humans"

"You don't have to be the best but be yourself"

This is what the voice explained to me 

Events will continue to happen just be carefree

Be gentle to yourself and embrace your mistakes

Hold on to life; it is not a race.

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