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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Break Up

Break Up

2 mins 238 2 mins 238

I'm a little low now. It's been a show of a clown.

A bit of frown, your memory is making me drown.

Maybe a bit grown. Another heartache that blown.

Waited for so long. It seems like it's time to move on.

There's a lot to shade. Been lying on my bed.

You have been hitting my mind. It's playing you on rewind.

I wish I could find, A place to escape the time.

I need to let you go. A few moments to capture my thoughts.

I have to cope. Another disappointment that explodes.

It's a lot to take. I wish I could fake.

Put it to an end, Remove all the dents and the bends.

Plotting you down, even the paper is making the sound.

You were a fine piece. One of the Uniques.

I admired your thoughts. Precise & Caught.

Sensitive & True. But you just flew.

You coated yourself hard. Within Delicate & Smart.

You were the glow of the east, had this soft little fist.

Admired all your little twist. Everything went down to a mist.

Things were going smooth. You even gave the nodding look.

Where was the flaw? You took off with your claw.

You drew a note. Told you will be back before the fold.

You set the time. Striped it down into my mind.

Had faith in you. Trusted everything you do.

Without a doubt, they kept dreaming of the clouds.

Then came the time, still waiting for you to arrive.

I thought no less. You may be busy with sorting the rest.

Here came the news, Didn't want to fuse.

No matter what, you could have said it apart.

Don't care about the cause, What are the odds???

You couldn't face me now? Have to hear from a clown???

You thought very less of me Miss. I could handle the whole twist.

It just another break and this is the tomb of your memory grave...

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