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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Nostalgic Email

Nostalgic Email

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A message, a two,

I sent through,

Email to my friend who has nicknames two.

A friend is a person who accompanies,

And is in a cluster like happy bees.

This is the email I wrote,

Ending with a splendid quote:

A friend, A friend,

Together we always,

Never will our friendship end,

Nor will our joyous ways.

A friend, My friend, never our friendship will die,

It'll happen when pigs fly,

In the heart will our friendship lay,

And it will surely brighten the day.

Friend, dear friend, don't leave my hand,

We will never let our friendship airplane land,

It will soar in the sky,

As I trust you, you never lie.

Friend, lovely friend... this sun is the one that never sets,

It never problem gets,

It will brighten our lives,

It will save us from the glum dives.

Friend, dear friend, together are we bound,

Our friendship is above the universe wound,

It has ups and no downs,

It is worthy of more than the world's towns.

Friend, dear friend, do not leave me alone,

I promise I won't let you mourn,

We both are to be one,

And our job is never done.

Let me end my poem sweet,

With a quote of our friendship meet,

Friendship is magic,

Not tragic,

It has power,

More than a flower...

I wrote all this for you... don't ask why,

Remember our friendship tie,

And now I end my email with an amiable bye!

This was my email,

Which caused me to wail.

I will never forget this,

Even if my memory is as foggy as mist.

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