Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".
Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Living Better-Longer-Happier

Living Better-Longer-Happier

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In life always remain sincere, helpful and humble

And despite all-round disruptive chaos & stress, always remain truthful

For if you don't, you will surely - in your work & life path tumble

You'll be ego-blinded, make multiple mistakes & often fumble

Your success, if any, will be a temporary, illusionary bubble

 Across life & work, your own brand-edifice will surely crumble


As it was built on false statements, that will surely lead to trouble

In all interactions stay simple, humane & forever humble 

Go ahead, do this, see success accelerate & life joys treble


And, lastly, have clarity in thoughts & goals, in life, be dignified & frugal

 Learn this life discipline from Warren Buffet a top business mogul

As work-roadmaps are challenging & our life's a crucible

Where we often want to be saved by a fortunate miracle

Boost karmic credits by staying soulful, honest, hard working, knowledgeable & mindful, 


Its only then that Your innate goodness will enhance your aura making you more charming & beautiful

That's how God will reward you, when you need it most, with an amazing, adorable miracle

These fortunate miracles will get replicated repeatedly as God's always by your side, as you're His favoured humans' life-saviour"

God Almighty will thus ensure that you remain His winning warrior

For our life's but a journey full of challenges & we need to win many battles in our chosen career

Do always remember to keep adding to your good karma credits kitty

For you will surely need to encash these by manifesting miracles when you need them most desperately

This is God's unique way to ensure we stay on track living our lives His sensible-humble ways, consistently!!

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