Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Truth and lies

Truth and lies

10 mins

Don't divide me

I am the thy,

The almighty,

The Pandora's box for all solutions

The answer for all the questions,

I am the rainbow 

Of sky after the rain is over 

I am the wish

That is to be accomplished

I don't know

How many years 

I can live in this world, 

But the cosmic world 

Where lies the truth only 

Where there is no place of lies 

I belong to that,

Truth, never being needed to be proven as because it's truth,

Lies have got only very short span in life 

It will attract you like a 

Golden shypon zero,

It plays it's black magic,

The devil is inside you,

It will wake up you,

It wants to take you to the devil's world

It's your inner conscience 

That wins at last,

The nature, itself as an agent of thy,

Also will support you,

In right time 

You have to wait till the apple ripens

Love has got in its sense 


Events eventually circle the truth 

Ultimately the truth wins 

Where there is strength to withstand the tides of time

Defeat of lies is the true event of life that is to be waited long

Truth is the south pole


The lies are the Noth pole

In between lies the patience of men

Winner is with sufferings

And loser is with the lies

Facts, lyrics has got temporary relief

Truth, gives the perpetual solution.

Be in the path of truth,


The pain stricken heart will be yours with thy 


Lies are temporary relief to protect your egos 


Truth is the perpetual fountain of heavenly bliss

The Eden garden of heaven.

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