Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Crisis Crew

Crisis Crew

2 mins

You came knocking the door

the impatient knockles brings a clear idea

that you are disturbed

You thought that

I may not expect you in this late night


may be I am not there in my home


went for a sleep


I may not open the closed doors

After my opening

I exclaimed and asked to you

were you wondering in this cold chilled winter night ?

You were standing in front of me

with wounds

turned out clothes calling

my wife by saying that nothing left with me that I can not be anymore

I can not have even my eyes

I am radical example of your last night questions answer

Life is not secured in cities,

but I became able to came

I want to take rest , wants to stay

for a night with you

I thought if in some days I will face such an accident

the doors will remain closed

One day will come to see me,

Some stranger will just ignore my pains,

It's the mirror of future occurrence of events

who looks like the men in grief

standing in front of me

Others ignoring just passing through like the robots

Yes I will close the doors for robots

but not for men like me

just be remembering my dad's last whisper which was like this that

son know first the need of the person who stands before you in pain

before his last sleep

If you can not

where is the man inside you

An honest winter dew before the night goes away

never tries to go away and

it's true never ,it has been disappeared

if so,

why a man can not be a mankind?

where there arises a question of a mankind survival in times of a crisis.

Men should be a member of

a crisis crew,

Where the matter of survival arises

at least .

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