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payal priyadarsini

Abstract Drama


payal priyadarsini

Abstract Drama

Behind That Smile

Behind That Smile

1 min 42 1 min 42

I burst into laughter

But no one could see my pain,

Because I have lost my desire to shine

But still, I put on a smile and pretend like its all fine..

I don't want them to worry

It seems to be so sorry,

Tomorrow will be another day

Happy it may not be,

I will wear a fake smile..

A quiet laugh and a heartwarming smile

Are things I want to last for a while,

I have tucked my melancholy beneath

A roughly designed mask decorated with,

      Pretend jokes

      Fake smiles

      Phony laughter and happy lies..

Nobody knows its painful

They think that I am strong,

They say it won't kill me

But I wonder If they are wrong..

When I go inside of me

I am all alone,

There is something broken

And I fall into a sadness so sweet,

I don't like what I see

And the tears always fall when I am falling asleep..!!

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