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Taniya Roy

Abstract Drama


Taniya Roy

Abstract Drama

Mother, Lift Me Up..

Mother, Lift Me Up..

2 mins 313 2 mins 313

Mother, I looked into you as life looked into me,

Your smile rose upon my fate like a sun.

Your whisper was the sweetest song I ever heard.

You rocked me in your arms day and night,

Through time and tide.

As life danced around me, with joy and sorrow.

One day I woke up and found my wings,

I flew to a distant land of fantasy and dreams.

I found my friends, a world of my own

While you waited for me, all day long.

Mother, I had seen you smile as I left,

But did you cry behind my back?

How long did you wait for the phone to ring?

Did you sleep with the empty letterbox in hand?

I found love and the secrets of life.

I became used to the distance between you and me.

I soared high, like a bird in the wire,

As you watched in silence and with pride.

Time flew by, I never counted the days

Nor did I count the silver hairs falling on your face.

Did I miss the little wrinkles beneath your eyes?

And the little sand left in the time clock of your life?

For you were the universal truth, that never changed in my mind.

Until one day I fell and broke my wings,

I tried to rise, but my feet were tied.

The streets were empty, the alley deserted

All my friends and fortune had left.

When was that day? I do not remember.

For it was snowing heavily, an unending winter.

The light of the world never reached my eyes,

My Sun had set for eternity.

Mother, where are you? swing me into life

Lift me off my feet, and breathe air into me

I can see you now, as I close my eyes

Like the rays of a distant galaxy.

You are the sun my life revolved around

The beauty of the roses fades in your smile.

As I look up to you Mother, lift me up

To unending love, to sunshine, spring, and life.

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