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Sushmita chander



Sushmita chander


Secrets Of The Graves

Secrets Of The Graves

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On my way back

By the side of the cathedral

My heart thought,

Why not through the grave yard.

I pushed the huge Iron Gate

The huge bell looked down at me,

I said a quick thank-you prayer

And turned to take the route

By the side of the grave yard.

Mellow evening rays were falling

From amidst the pine trees

Graves appeared preparing for the night’s sleep.

Chilly winter breeze

Touched me like a cold hand

I felt it was saying,

Hold on; stay here for a little while.

I looked at the grave

On the right of me,

Engraved stone said

It rested an environmentalist.

The paradox brought a smile on my lips.

I saw the stone open its mouth,

Beneath the silence I heard the sound

I heard the voice asking me,

Is the earth greener now?

Is the globe cooling down?

Are my birds safe in the nest?

And in the oceans jostle fish?

Tell me so that I rest in peace.

I hastened my pace

I had no answer

How could I agitate a resting member?

I moved towards a shining grave

Embellished with the magnificent marble stone

I mused this must be the remains

Of rich bones.

I heard the babbling and the chatter

As if that was not one but many souls

And then I heard someone groan.

We were the children of the streets

Without books, food and fun.

We worked in a factory

During the night and in the sun.

We played with explosives

We played with life,

And one fine day god sent mercy

There was a blast and the factory blew off

Nothing remained,

Yes but peace and freedom prevailed.

All of us were put here together

As a memory,

Under the marvelous marble stone.

We are the children of the past

Tell us

If it is true,

As promised,

No more the children do such tasks!

A tear rolled down my eyes

I trembled and supported my agonized heart

And moved ahead.

I stopped by a beautiful grave

With rose bushes adorning it.

"Oh" this is the place where I must stay

For this speaks of love and loved one

I heard laughter of saddened sound.

Here in lies a beauty of thousand nights

With scarred soul and multi talented emotions

Names in her list were endless

But not a single mate

To keep the life going

A new name daily she would date.

Softly she asked me

Have the economies improved?

I a would be jobber thought better

From there to move,

Praying to god to give her rest

In her silent room.

Sun had gone

Shades and shadows descended

Chilling breeze spoke in my ears

Visit here not again.

This is a place of buried secrets

Wishing to be let loose

You will never be at peace

If they find their voice in you.

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