Who Am I ?

Who Am I ?

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Early in the morning, I was lying in my couch and looking into vacuum aimlessly,

A random question crept into my naked mind, “Who am I?”

Am I in a long dream of an idler who is too lazy to wake up

Or am I in the future or past of a blind time travelling buddy

It didn’t leave me, under the shower I was thinking,

It was haunting, the same question “Who am I?”

Don’t know if I am the negative of myself in a parallel universe

Or a giant to those ants and bugs or a phantom to all these flowers and trees

I was purposelessly engaged, I asked the question to my 2 year old kid,

I know it sounds stupid but I was just curious, “Who am I?”

An alien to some other earth or a lump of flesh and blood created by some alien called God

Or may be a god in the hell or heaven of a different world

At 11 AM in my office,enough of the mess,trying to concentrate on my work

Some one called me by my name, Arrgghh!!! the brain worm woke up poking me “Who are you?”

Are you a speck of dust crawling helplessly on a small planet just to survive

Or a heap of chemicals put together in a cunning way to live

Staring at my own reflection, in the mirror, looking deep into its eyes

Frustrated with the quest, yet I asked the same question “Who are you?”

Are you the love in a hug, pain behind the tears or the joy to crack a smile

Are you the sound for the deaf or voice of the dumb

May be an atom, a failed experiment or a bag of emotions and thoughts or the universe

Perhaps, all of these at once?

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