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Himanshi Dhyani


That Anticipation

That Anticipation

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I am floating in the deepness on an uncertain raft,

Nothing is self controlled or curbed.

I am tethered with constant fear of hurricane.

My heart is resting on my palms now.

And my eyes, seeking the much needed certitude.

And I will get it once I see him.

He, my world

He, my source of solace.

He, the loving defensive shield of my daughter.

He, my soulmate.

My heart waits for his appearance

My eyes get restless for a glimpse of him.

My arms crave to embrace him,

So I get to feel the delight on feeling his heart beating against mine.

Yes,that matters so much.

My heaven is deficient without him.

But this pride gives me endurance,

That my love, is the shield of the nation.

He owes his blood and flesh to the nation.

He is the soldier of peace, of life.

This elevates my respect for him each day.

"My dad is a soldier."

A broad smile appears on my words as my little angel boasts about her father' valour.

He gets us fretful on festivals,

Agitated on not making during holidays.

And nervous with the sudden news of barrages.

My heart pounds so loud,

I complaint to him so much....

"Just stop risking your life and come back home."

He replies with a smile,

And a blissful kiss on my forehead.

I am so much in love with that selfless man.

My daughter is a proud daughter.

Each hour is so uncertain, we know

He is so unarmed, I am aware

Yet my anticipated eyes,

Crave to embrace his

The pride of seeing my husband as a soldier...

Is the only sympathizer I have now.

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