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Dibyasree Nandy



Dibyasree Nandy


Tints of Fire-by Dibyasree Nandy

Tints of Fire-by Dibyasree Nandy

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A heavenly ocean of smouldering heat crushing;

The trees, the soil, the cottages evaporating;

Clouds in the sky gradually fade;

A column of ash and graves are laid.

The earth cowers as though faced with a longsword of ember;

Even the edge of the night turns into bright amber;

A mantle of blaze donned by the searing lands;

Javelins, blades, and arrows of flares were clutched by the world’s charred hands.

Fluid as water, tenacious as oil;

Rings of blaring gold and red coil;

A discus that can cut and slash;

The fulgurating light of the terrifying blue stars flash.

Tombstones crack, the heat gives them birth;

Skeletons burst forth, walking about without mirth;

Scalded, bony wrists;

Dark, singed, raised fists.

The tale of rain miserably fails;

Storms have boarded the ship and sailed away to the rims of the dales;

Ice burns to death;

Incinerated; the icicles fall before the glowing faith.

The wrath of the terra firma, insurmountable;

Quelling its long-standing loathing, humans incapable;

Torched to purgatory;

Several pillars of scarlet imprison sinners in a crematory.

The masks of the skulls needn’t be exposed;

It may be you, face decomposed;

‘Tis but a hefty price;

The planet shall make us pay for twisting the air; a vice.

The vermillion bird shall screech and call;

Out of fortresses of flame it emerges and engulfs all;

Where is the fountain that can calm?

No droplet remains, for too black is my erroneous palm.

#Day7 #Orange

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