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Ananya Dutta



Ananya Dutta


On the edge of insanity

On the edge of insanity

4 mins

What shall I confer this time oh my heart in red blood - a number or a line of description as may thou wish - can I merely ask and I do.

If tread I on this lane of the stone paving, my feet encounter pebbles, and they walk upon them. Oh my dear dear love, should thee know that 'tis an entire cavalcade of confrontations I witness - is it a barrage of all that I am guilty of. All these confrontations and I prefer cowardice.

Art there numbers. The art there numbers big and small.

Not one for can I tell that am I not a stranger to what I beheld the previous night; call me an old acquaintance with it.

Not two either for can, I traverse as far as to recount having been comatose thrice. Alas! does it confiscate a third time besides for me? Alas! does it? Does it?

'Tis out of my hand to appraise if I should seek a moment of invincible glory in my perseverance, or if 'tis a plight should I be beside myself with. Oh darling of my bright eyes, see how my tears embellish the sparkle in them. May thou come to my rescue dear. Tell me what it is? Can thou dare to?

Ah! Hear I at a distance some quiet murmur that swells right yonder, but comes after me. 'Tis a mayhem of sounds acerbic and strident - hark! How loud they sound! Art thee here with me, or do thee prefer deafness to me company?

'Tis no cacophony of my brain my love! 'Tis no cacophony for would I have spilled my feelings of penchant had it been one. 'Tis fire - an inferno in lieu!

Hark! yet again it comes for you. Boom grohshhhh damn damn damn! hear I.

Oh my lovely mother! May thou hark for will I not tell thee anymore to. Thou behold, hath these fumes been mainlined deep inside my veins now. And afar art they down on the gory alleys does my skin house that may I assume myself in the propinquity of my ultimate doom.

 So scream will I this one last cry that breathes life in me still. HARK! 'Tis carrion of my body shouting the pandemonium of the carnage and no carillon bells rung at the Holy altar. Hear no laugh in it, I say - 'tis no jape!

What is the number will this time get honey?

Sadly, am I here this once yet, not so in grasp of a shape thou fancy for me silhouette. Hah! Hath thee not woven the tapestry for the latter dear? Behold thus, my shadow moves at thy word.

Ah! Perhaps for last I behold a pair of two bodies on the road I seldom sauntered on. He is head over heels in love with her. 

She sighs after taking a long breath... 

He sobs uncontrollably… 

As they try to break through the glass that divides them. 

Me! Oh, what do thou fancy - my heart or me blood? Hath thee not have them both already betwixt thy teeth? Why do you ask?

Well, may I venture to tell thee regardless as sigh I for thee in this next one second. Will thou have no trace of it, but shards of a red mirror if attain thee the chase will thou possibly never embark on.

I see colors - colors sallow, carmine, tangerine and turquoise high up in the sky across the cumuli painted with a pink pallor. The lambent lights in the ambience flicker like babies just blossoming out of mothers' wombs, but lights these art that set my sky on flames. Alas! I behold the inferno again! 'Tis there. Can't thou see?

I swelter. I am warm and I can't deny the heat.

This blaze of the crackers around me combusts in me just like cordite, yet what an explosion implodes in my core. Hath thee shaken it to the best of its discipline that every ounce of respect is lost.

'Tis a wild wild explosion, commencing internally as every resentment is catalysed beyond the outskirts of the doors and windows of my home.

I swirl and swoon closely to the combustion of yet another spark in me.

I see. I am alive so far to say.

I see. But down inside the house with thee is a conundrum can I no longer solve. Shall I pray?

I see. So here I coil my fingers around the rope that is taut.

They curl like an infant's body, merely in a fist. 

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