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Dimithri Wijerathna



Dimithri Wijerathna


The Funeral

The Funeral

4 mins

" Idiot bring the chairs and keep it in a row." 

" Where are the banners , quickly hang them...where is the nescafe machine bring it .....now special guests will arrive here..." 

" Sothia what are you waiting for , where is your group...how many times I have warned these silly idiot womens to be on time."

It was not nobody but Mr.Silva , the landowner of Kandragama village. He is a wealthy person who owned many property inheritance from Waluwa family. His sons has been educating in overseas since childhood and they have never seen their grandma to their eyes but today they will arriving here in a grand manner with corcodile tears.

As I was a relative I had to visit to the funeral before corpse is been taken to home. Mr . Silva's mother was a humble person though she was a member in this family she has treated the villagers in a kind manner but her husband has I'll treated many villagers and most of the lands were owned by force , therefore people begin to show hatred but they were kept attracted due to Mrs Malkanthi mother of Mr.Silva.

Mrs. Malkanthi who was a kandyan lady had been married in her early twenties to Mr.Wimaladasa Silva and she had to live under the Waluwa sky which is full of pride and prejudices. 

Meanwhile, the corpse was arriving in a grand way with a special VIP vechile and their were people busily hanging banners and some women were busy in serving hot nescafes and some little buddies were serving biscuits. These all were people who worked for this family , none of the family members were working except they were sitting in luxury manner wearing high expensive white clothes and wearing sunglasses. It made me amazed by their typical behaviour they acted as they are still living in overseas. As they have never been in a village. Since childhood I hate this family due to their posh manners but it lack nothing.

 Now some special guests arrived , with BMV and some were his bodyguards. People quickly stood up and show his respect , it made me laughed but I tried to hold it up. Since childhood I hate all these nonsense , I prefer only simple lifestyle. 

If a person is dead he must be buried or his body must be donated within 24 hours without keeping it and celebrating it as a wedding. What took place is here some sort of nonsense which I really hate. 

" O, nona why did you leave us...Ane...nona please open your eyes..."

" Ane nona wake up, and see your children and grand children have come to see you..." 

" Aneee nina  please wake up..

.You please smile as other days..."

It made me more laugh and shock..These words with lamenting were done by " professional mourners" who cry for some amount of money at funerals, especially they are hired by big wealthy families who have no hearts.If they have hearts or any gratitude why should they have hired these women who knows nothing about this lady.

I couldn't understand what was going on, some little buddies were walking in expensive clothes chattering in English unknown about all this fuss. Later, the Chief Monk arrived and all the villagers stood and reserved a special seat in white as a rescpect. 

Time was going on with all this nonsense, I bothered my parents let's go, but they forced me to stay some more as there were our relations.I had nothing to do except gazing at all these nonsense.

Little , by little the relatives started to bid farewell and we too moved. Thanks God, I took a deep breath and on our way we saw many luxury vechiles were on the way visiting for the funeral.

Actually, it sensed as some sort of artificial feelings since nobody shed a tear on behalf of their mother except those professional mourners, I couldn't believe why those people act like that . It is something coming down from generations I thought it like that.. 


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