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Dimithri Wijerathna



Dimithri Wijerathna


Tree Speaks

Tree Speaks

1 min 111 1 min 111

" O" My Man rest your thoughts under my huge branches 

Weep out softly under my strong branches 

Till your body fuels your energy to boost 

Rest your feelings under my branches till you raise up 

I beg you Man, " Don't carry axes to see my blood"

Don't break a twig to share your happiness for a moment 

Read out the Seattle's Expressions before killing my branches 

You intelligent species, never kill your lungs 

A barren land it in decades ahead 

I beg you intelligent species 

Don't turn away our roots 

Don't cut down our generations 

Our generations stood you in feet 

"O" My Man doesn't carry axes 

Karama will follow you 

Stop!! Stop!!! Blood shedding 

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