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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

MK Futuristic Survivors



MK Futuristic Survivors


Unknown Shadow

Unknown Shadow

2 mins 13.7K 2 mins 13.7K

My shadow is a trauma, my existence is a drama

My soul is cold as my destiny is bold

The pain inside my heart makes me bleed, the fury of my prophecy slaughtered me like a meat

The darkness of my emotions brings the light to eyes, my tears are vicious poison for which the devil cries

Humanity became a curse so as for demons the heaven became concourse

My feelings and emotions are almost equal, my life's a death and my death is a sequel

The illusions in my life has become the reality as the love and relations are earned like a salary

People's belief is nothing but a bait, myth is game where humanity has to wait

Life is designed for pain and hate, aggression and vengeance are meant to mate

The wrath of God is worshipped by demons as revenge and brutality is a delicious sweet to evils

I don't want to accept my existence, my loneliness threw me to a far distance

My each words slaughters my tongue sweetly, the blood out of it pains me deeply

Still I enjoy being tortured by my soul, my body is like a rotten flesh as my flesh is so cold

I feel a sense of accomplishment when I am all alone, that's the devil who makes me bleed and talks to me over the headphone

My life is a heart pierced by broken arrow, still I wanted to remain in the arms of my UNKNOWN SHADOW.

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