My Hate, My Angel And My Salvaged Soul

My Hate, My Angel And My Salvaged Soul

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I saw the world through my fiery eyes,

With hate burning in a red hot cauldron,

The soul was burnt, ignited by despise,

Darkness flourished, with me as its patron.

So many questions, were still unanswered,

On everything I thought, that still mattered,

Frantically looked for God, seeking his address,

Hoping he would come, there were wounds to redress.

With glazed eyes, I looked for God within,

But instead I found the devil in me,

He was living off my hate, as my closest kin,

I was too blind to act on which I could see.

Then came down the beautiful angel,

Exuberant in her divine glow,

She reached down, and touched me,

For the first time, I felt my blood flow.

Whispering softly in my muted ear, she called me,

Said my chariot was waiting,

The light flicked on, things were clear,

My life was not to be wasted in hating.

The soul was torn with its fabric damaged,

But my heart was beating, cells breathing,

Her love was the elixir, soul was salvaged,

Fire stopped burning, anger was not seething.

I had found my peace, in my special place,

By my angel's side, bathed in her grace,

I was stronger, my mind out of the maze,

Smile was beautiful, life back on my face.


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