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Varsha Kushwaha

Abstract Drama


Varsha Kushwaha

Abstract Drama

The Father Feels

The Father Feels

2 mins

Poem about the most important person in my life..

Tis twelve months since you arrived,

 As I watched you sleep, I let a happy sigh,

Your tiny fingers wrapped around mine;

 I for the first time, had a cry.

Your fingers never left, as I turned to go;

 So though I had a bunch of things to do,

But still I sat down, still watching you asleep,

 And thanked God for the zillionth time.

Your lips curl, as if in a beautiful dream day,

  Are you holding hands of your Prince on board?

Is he finally here, here to take you away?

  To a fairy castle larger than our little abode?

Did he make a carriage for you to fly?

 One lovelier than the swing you sleep by.

Oh! I will be glad that day, happier than ever,

  When you find him who loves you more than me,

Yet, promise me you shall let me weep all night,

   And recall the happy days of yesteryear.

Just Yesterday when we walked hand in hand,

  When your smile lightened up all the worlds in doom,

When your little fingers touched the sky,

  And you demanded me the moon.


I promise you, my dear heart,

  I won't be able to bring the moon on floor,

Nor every butterfly your joyful soul shall yearn for,

 But surely bring you wings to soar.

I might not able to light up all those stars above,

  And not pick you up every time you fall,

But when life attempts a futile to break you apart,

 I will teach you to stand on a new start.

Isn't it the rule of this world, a brutally beautiful?

  That just like the old leaves that fall dutiful?

 A father can't be her girl's armoured knight;

  But just a hand to take her to her faithful.

You moved a little, snapping me out of my reverie,

   And as your mother shakes her head & smiles,

Knowing I had drifted far ahead awhile.

  I stand up finally, ready to face the truth whenever be.

But then, you smile wider, for a little more longer, 

  Your fingers holding mine a little more stronger,

And you opened your hazel eyes, stronger than mine;

  And said the word I had waited an eternity to hear,

 "Pa-pa", I love you very much dear.

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