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Neelam Tyagi

Drama Inspirational


Neelam Tyagi

Drama Inspirational

I the Nurturer, I the Destroyer

I the Nurturer, I the Destroyer

2 mins

When I adorn your temples, I am the ‘SHAKTI’!

The feminine energy, to bring down the evil!

To me, you bow your head in devotion.

I, the eternal mother, pledge to keep you in my protection.

When I give birth, I am the MOTHER.

I idealise love.

For you, my child, I am the world!

Your first teacher, who introduces the lessons of life!

When I wear the 'sindoor' of your name,

I am your better half! Your wife,

You give me love and respect

and with me, you share your name and fame!

When I tie ‘rakhi’ on your wrist, I am your SISTER

We’re bound together in a priceless relation!

You leave no stone unturned, to love and nurture me.

With you, I am loved and protected.

When I am born of you, I am your DAUGHTER.

I am your world!

Your love crosses all boundaries.

Together we share fond memories!

You value every relationship with me!

You dote on me, and shower love!

But, when I step out of the protection of my home,

I find myself alone!

The world is hostile!

At every step, my dignity is shattered and I am victimized!

Was all that love and respect towards me just deceit?

Was my safety the concern only if I am related to you?

If not, I become a victim of your lust whom you can dishonour!

I feel cheated and feel the conflict raging inside me!

Agonised! I ask, “Is this a civilised society?”

“No!” Answered a voice, “You are just intellectually calculative and hypocritical individuals.”

This obsession, of power and supremacy, is leading to nothing but to the deterioration of human values!

Stop! Don’t challenge my WOMANHOOD further!

Else I will forget, I have valued my varied relations with you.

But in return, every time you have let me down.

My trust in you, you have betrayed!

Now, to win back the respect, I will have to call for cultural genocide!

I have to rise and write our destiny.

I have to invoke the SHAKTI within me, as my armour against all heinous crimes!

For the revival of the crumbling values,

I have to redefine the boundaries for a civilised society!

Remember, "If I can be the nurturer, I can be the destroyer too!"

If I can go to any extent to love you,

I will go to any extent, to teach you to be worthy of the relations I have valued with you!

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